Bowling Info

2018 Phx Ska Punk Bowling Tournament


Where: AMF Tempe Village Lanes - 4407 S Rural RD Tempe, AZ

When: 12 noon (team registration), September 23rd. 

4-person teams. Teams will each roll 3 games, league style. Highest team score, including handicap, wins. 

Cost: $80 per team ($40 goes to the bowling alley, the rest goes to a cash prize fund and buys every participating team a pitcher of beer). This is payable at the time of the bowling tournament, in cash. There is an ATM on site. 

Scores calculated on a 90% of 210 average (See more information below)

Tournament should last about 3 hours or so. Scoring after last games are completed. Between 12pm and 1, teams will register, get lane assignment, and you can nurse that hangover with some delicious adult beverages and food! Once all teams are registered, we get rolling at about 1pm.

430/5pm (ish) – Awards and prizes.

You can pre-register your team until September 22nd (the night before the tournament) by sending over your team name, individual team member names, and a contact phone number to . There is NO cost to pre-registering, but it does help us inform the bowling alley how many teams we have and lanes we will need, so if you can pre-register, please do. Teams are welcome to show up on tournament day and register at that time as well, unless we have already 30 teams pre-registered. Don’t wait. Register early. 

Team Shirts/Costumes: We encourage the embrace of your team name, team spirit, or team costumes. The weirder, the better. Maybe there will be a prize for best costume, shirts, or team spirit. You never know. 

Disclaimer: Phx Ska Punk Bowling is an amateur tournament designed for the enjoyment and fun of amateur, non-professional alcobowlics (bowlers). Don’t be that guy and bring Michael Haugen Jr, unless he’s there to make fun of us for being bad bowlers. That would be fine. 

How to calculate a bowling handicap:

A bowling handicap is a percentage of the difference between your average and a basis average.

To find your average score, add the scores from all your official league games, then divide by the number of games you bowled.

For example, if you have three games with scores of 140, 146, and 156, you have a total series score of 442 pins. Divide your series score by three for your per game average which is 147.3 pins per game. Always drop the fraction of a pin. Your official average in this example then works out to 147.

Subtract your average score from the basis score and multiply the result by the percentage factor to calculate your bowling handicap. Suppose the basis score is 210 and the percentage factor is 90 percent. If your average is 147, you have (210-147) X 0.90 = 56.7. Again, drop the fraction. Your handicap in this example is 56 pins per game.

Add the handicap to your actual score for each game. For instance, if you have a game in which you score 160 and your handicap is 56, your adjusted score is 216.

2017 Phx Ska Punk Bowling results

2017 PSPB Winners!!

1st Place - Twaughthammer(2045)

2nd Place - Bowlett Club (2000)

3rd Place - Twaughthammer #2 (1949)

4th Place - Twaughthammer #3 (1854)

5th Place - Fire Bastards (1810)

6th Place - Odd Couples (1806)

7th Place - HAM (1721)

8th Place  - Punks and Pins (1649)

9th Place - Team Beer (1587)

10th Place - Keepers of the Ska Potato - (1443)

11th Place - Gutter Gals - (1438)

HIgh series/game: Wyatt Clark(233 and 577, respectively)

Low Series/Game - Ben (Team Beer - 47 and 160, respectively)